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SMPlayer 15.9.0

Por The SMPlayer Project  (Open Source)
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* Support for the 3D stereo filter.
* Added support for mpv, which is a player based on mplayer with new features and bug fixes.
* Now it's possible to select a secondary subtitle track which is displayed on top of the screen (mpv only).
* New option to set a template for screenshots (mpv only).
* Now it's possible to play videos from streaming sites (besides Youtube) like DailyMotion, Vimeo, Vevo and many more (mpv only).
* Option to step back one frame (mpv only).
* The Windows installer now allows to choose the playback engine to install: mplayer or mpv.
* Better support for YouTube (VEVO videos).
* Possibility to set a proxy.
* New action (assigned by default to key "I") shows the current playback time, total time and percentage, for 2 seconds on the OSD.
* Add the possibility to use the mouse buttons for "next chapter" and "previous chapter".
* New option to delete a file in the playlist from the filesystem.
* Support for MPRIS2.
* Possibility to compile SMPlayer without MPlayer or mpv support.
* The new H2O theme is now the default theme.