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The Bat! Home Edition 5.2.2

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The Bat! Home Edition 6.6

#New features:
- Highlighting of the iecm

- Cosmetic fixes at The Bat! Preferences
- The recipient's photo is displayed (if available) for messages in the "Outbox" and "Sent" folders

# Fixes:
- The Internal HTML viewer could not correctly display messages in the Japanese character set
- Some IMAP servers (g.g. Zimbra) cannot handle the ID command sent simultaneously with Login
- The Edition Type (Home/Professional) wasn't displayed in the about box
- Fixes for the Mail Dispatcher list/header view size and the list fonts
- When a sub-set of folders was restored from the backup file while they has been missing in that account, those folders were created under the account's Inbox folder
- Not all Google contacts were imported into The Bat!'s address book
- The changes to Character Sets (XLAT) were not saved ("Options -> Preferences -> Other options")
- The changes to the character set "Translation FROM Windows" could not be saved (Options -> Preferences -> Other options -> Character Sets (XLAT))
- When an HTML message was loaded for editing, the viewer options were used
- Inline images for the HTML formatted messages were not displayed if system's HTML viewer had been used
- The "Error reading xtSigners.Options: Invalid property value" issue when verifying S/MIME messages has been fixed