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ToDoList 6.7

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Por Abstract Spoon Software  (Freeware)

- Gantt Chart plugin
- Task references/aliases
- Support added for setting/clearing multiple reminders at one time
- Support added to custom attributes for icon lists
- Support added for Google Drive, SkyDrive and DropBox
- Start and Due dates moved to their own droplists on the filter bar
- Support added to use Stickies for reminders.
- Support added to cut/paste between separate instances of TDL
- Fixed bug in CSV importer
- Added date/time to language file backups
- Handled clicking custom lists of icons in list view
- Tweaked filter handling of parent tasks with no matching subtasks
- Updated default 'YourLanguage.csv' language file
- Fixed 'Expand Tasks' to expand all tasks and subtasks
- Fixed problem opening word doc embedded in richtext comments
- Fixed missing CSV delimiter after Cost attribute
- Fixed default task tags not appearing in new tasks
- Fixed custom date filter issue
- Heaps of fixes and tweaks