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- CHG: static linking to CRT and MFC.
- CHG: Allow the SubWCRevCOM object to be reused, i.e. clear all gathered data when GetWCInfo2() is called.
- CHG: Update TortoisePlink. (Stefan)
- CHG: Moved all commands to the front view in TortoiseMerge.
- CHG: Reintroduce the LogFindCopyFrom setting.
- CHG: Updating a sparse checkout remembers the state of hidden items as well.
- BUG: When Aero dialogs are disabled, the merge dlg background was painted black.
- BUG: SubWCRev segfaulted when started for a non-wc path.
- BUG: TMerge showed filtered diffs if "show whitespaces" was active.
- BUG: TMerge could mark the wrong line as changed if the files contained mixed newlines at the start of the files.
- BUG: "Show differences as unified diff" failed if the selected files were in different directories.
- BUG: ProjectMonitor could not show any log messages if HEAD was more than log-limit above the corresponding log messages to show.
- BUG: Stopping the monitoring thread failed when trying to show the log.
- BUG: When a start commit hook script failed in the repo browser, the buttons (abort/proceed) were switched.