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# The following items were fixed and/or added:
- VMM: fixed a potential misbehavior after restoring the A20 state from a saved state
- GUI: fixed full-screen mode mini-toolbar related regressions for different platforms and window managers
- GUI: X11: fixed full-screen mode Unity panels quirk caused by mini-toolbar code changes in last release
- GUI: X11: added possibility to use legacy full-screen mode as the new one can cause multi-screen issues under Unity, see the manual for more information
- GUI: Mac OS X: fixed full-screen mode artifact causing black screen when 3D acceleration was enabled on 10.10 Yosemite hosts
- GUI: Mac OS X: fixed regression in user-space swiping from/to VBox in full-screen mode
- GUI: Mac OS X: fixed issue with switching to VBox in full-screen mode through Alt+Tab and Mission Control
- Storage: fixed data corruption when resizing huge VHD images under certain circumstances
- Storage: fixed a rare hang during startup when the BIOS enumerates the storage devices attached to the SATA controller
- Storage: follow the spec with AHCI interrupt acknowledge
- Storage: fixed broken iSCSI authentication
- NAT Network: properly parse port forwarding rules to allow UDP rules
- USB: fixed a crash on Linux hosts with older Linux kernels and several other fixes
- ACPI: fixed ACPI timer anomalies
- Guest Control: fixed a memory leak
- Main: when removing a VM, do also remove the VBoxStartup.log file which might exist on Windows hosts
- Windows hosts: fixed more startup problems on certain Windows hosts due to conflicts with anti-virus software; better error reporting
- Windows hosts: propagate the process startup information to the child process
- Mac OS X hosts: don't force using the discrete GPU
- Windows Additions: some Windows 10 tweaks
- X11 guests: fix a bug handling video driver display properties which prevented GNOME Shell on Fedora 21 from starting
- Linux hosts / guests: fixed a few remaining warnings in the kernel log if memory allocation fails