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# New Features:
* UI | New 'open-torrent' dialog design
* UI | OSX: Detect and reset torretnt file/url associations
* UI | Added option to show/hide the icon in the Rank column
* UI | Added plugin lifecycle operations to console UI
* UI | Added some pairing commands to the console UI
* UI | Added 'Tags Overview' view
* UI | Option to toggle the 'new' download state for multiple selection
* UI | Per-file availability column added
* UI | Option to alter the top-level spacer rows in sidebar to allow compressed view
* UI | Added a peak up/down column and some smoothed stats (up/down/eta)
* UI | You can now rename any of the columns in table views to suit your needs
* UI | Added 'Tags' column to Library views
* UI | Library and Files view header now shows selected done/total file sizes when multi-selected
* UI | Added config option to show the Options View as a sidebar entry rather than a separate window
* UI | Added 'reset transfer stats' option to the torrent options/info view
* UI | Added 'hide all' option to auto-tags
* UI | Added Console view to Library sub-tabs (requires logging to be enabled)
* Plug | Added discoveries tab to Library views for specific download/size lookup
* Plug | No-proxy option for RSS Feed Scanner
* Plug | No-proxy option for Satus Mailer
* Plug | Added support for user-provided flags to location provider
* Core | Added simple IPv6 connectivity test
* Core | Support renaming of device content correctly
* Core | Added a 'mark' feature to overall stats so you can count from a point in time as opposed to install date
* Core | Speed limit handler now supports profile specific network limits
* Core | Per-tag minimum share ration option
* Core | Added option to move files (rather than copy+delete) on Windows when source+target same file system
# Changes:
* UI | Added roll-up ability for the 'Discovery' sidebar entry
* UI | Sidebar pop-up menu now shown in a tree/submenu layout
* UI | Removed unreliable/unsupported ping/tracert network tests
* UI | Classic UI tab order memory added
* UI | Moved search results and swarm discoveries to top of 'Discovery' entry
* UI | Auto-hide devices that haven't been seen in a (configurable) time and alert when this happens
* UI | Brazilian Portuguese translation update
* UI | Basque translation update
* Plug | Added serbian and montenegro flags to location provider
* Core | Improved performance of some averaging classes
* Core | Major rework to file linking support
# Corrected bugs:
* UI | Fixed the min/max button shown for tab view
* UI | Fixed some toolbar selection issues
* UI | Fix last view not opening
* UI | Bring back sidebar popup menu
* UI | Better MDI entry/data source handling over restarts
* UI | Hack for SWT icon transparency issue on Win 8
* UI | DNS config section wiki link was broken
* UI | 'new' indicator wasn't being cleared for 'launch' actions
* UI | Fixed weird sort bug caused by sort occurring on hidden column
* UI | Fixed deadlock with authentication dialog
* UI | Fixed cell-specific cursor changes not working correctly
* UI | Newly added subscriptions were not showing correctly
* UI | Fixed sort order bug with file view index column
* Plug | Get the Twitter plugin working again
* Plug | Occasional stack-overflow in Transcoder plugin fix
* Core | Few bugfixes for Java 1.7 detection of comparator contract violation
* Core | Fix initialisation deadlock
* Core | Increase maximum message size limit due to enormous bit fields
* Core | Prevent scheduler from incorrectly resuming manually paused downloads
* Core | Got thread-dumping diagnostic logic working again
* Core | Work around for some plugin lock files preventing auto-backup from working
* Core | Update IPFilter modification time so that it correctly is applied to existing peer connections when modified
* Core | Fixed IPFilter bug that was causing it not to work correctly when the DHT plugin was disabled
* Core | Fixed speed limit handler day-selection bug
* Core | Fixed incomplete-file-suffix logic not being applied to plugin added downloads
* Core | Allow renaming of files in torrents that resolve to an identical file system name when transformed to object FS naming standards