Télécharger AMD Catalyst Drivers 14.12 Windows 7

AMD Catalyst Drivers 14.12 Windows 7

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# Resolved Issues:
* 14.9 Install issues for intermittent crash or black screen after install
* 14.9 Catalyst™ Control Center issues have occasional AMDMantle64.dll error popups during install
* Online video can sometimes crash when watching YouTube videos with hardware acceleration enabled
* Watching online flash videos in Google Chrome sometimes causes the browser to hang when hardware acceleration is enabled
* Displays that go in to sleep mode intermittently causes the display to not wake up
* AHCI Chipset Drivers can sometimes cause the system to crash on boot-up
* 144Hz displays in AMD CrossFire™ configurations can cause intermittent crashing when launching D3D Applications
* Game stuttering or screen tearing in Quad CrossFire™
* State of Decay textures can intermittently extrude beyond their boundaries or be corrupted
* HDMI audio stays disabled when a connected TV is disabled and then re-enabled