Télécharger AMD Catalyst Drivers 15.7 Windows 7 64

AMD Catalyst Drivers 15.7 Windows 7 64

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# Resolved Issues:
- Second Life - Avatar rendering is corrupted when hardware skinning is enabled
- Star Trek Online - Block corruption is observed if MSAA is enabled
- A black screen is observed when setting up a 3x1 SLS with 3 HDMI monitors
- Leadwerks : A crash is observed with a "Pure Virtual Call" error message
- System black hangs/BSOD upon resuming from S3/S4 sleep on AMD Radeon™ R9 285 configured in AMD CrossFire™ mode
- With AMD CrossFire™ enabled, Timeout Detection Recovery (TDR) occurs during actual gameplay when YouTube Mix moves to the next song in Firefox®
- Screen tearing on enabling VSync with Alien: Isolation game
- AMD Catalyst™ Control Center Video Quality settings may not be available or retained if the "Enforce Smooth Video Playback" option is not selected on some AMD Radeon™ HD Series graphics adapters.
- A black screen may be experienced when attempting to enable Eyefinity after changing the display mode (Portrait, Landscape)
- Primary display may not be retained after disabling AMD CrossFire™ while in AMD Eyefinity mode
- Enabling or disabling AMD CrossFire™ may lead to one side of the 4K MST display being shown as black
- Minor stuttering may be seen in Dragon Age Inquisition on Single and Multi GPU configurations