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Beyond Compare 4.0.0 Beta 18564

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Par Scooter Software Inc  ( Logiciel contributif )
Journal des changements

* File Views
- Fixed Find panel reverting the search string after an invalid regular expression search.
- Changed "Open File Using Profile" dialog's path combobox to an edit.
* Folder Compare
- Fixed "Open With" passing pairs of aligned files when "Multiple Instances" is checked.
- Fixed using "Find Next/Previous Filename" if "Find Filename" has never been used.
* Installer
- OS X: BCUpdate.zip is now deleted after the update is applied.
- Linux: Fixed hang when using yum to upgrade an RPM-based install.
* Misc
- Updated icons.
- Linux: Toolbar will now wrap to multiple rows if needed with rows after the first shown as small buttons.
- Linux: Fixed "Large buttons with text labels" toolbar option.
- OS X: Fixed .bcpkg file association opening the Import wizard.
* Picture Compare
- Windows: Removed *.GED (Arts & Letters) support due to poor compatibility and conflict with GEDCOM geneology format.
* Registry Compare
- Fixed handling CR/LF bytes in multi-string values.
* Reports
- Picture compare reports now shrink images to fit on a page.
* Settings
- Fixed corruption when saving Open With strings with both "%f1" and "%f2". (Broken in previous release)
- OS X/Linux: Fixed loading settings from version-specific settings folders.
* Source Control
- Fixed accessing filenames containing '@' characters in Subversion repositories.
* Table Compare
- Fixed copying blank lines to the clipboard.
* Text Edit
- OS X: Fixed current line highlighting when scrolling using the up/down arrows.
- OS X: Fixed Find autocomplete changing character case.
* WebDAV
- Fixed support for accessing files/folders that have display names different than the filename in the URL.
- Fixed '..' invalid entries when creating new folders.
* Crashes
- Linux: Fixed browse dialog crash when expanding a folder with two consecutive spaces in the name.
- Linux: Fixed crash dialog closing all open windows.