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DivX Play 10.2.3

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* Components:
- Converter 10.2.3
- Player 10.2.3
- Web Player 3.2.3
- DivX To Go 10.2.3
- Media Server 10.2.3
- DivX Installer System 3.2.3
* New:
- Player supports SAMI (.SMI) external subtitles
- Player can display two subtitles simultaneously if the video has multiple subtitle tracks
- Converter improved minimum bitrate algorithm for HEVC
* Fixed:
- Improved Player load/open time
- Upside-down playback issue in decoder which caused flipped images on some machines
- Long load times for HEVC videos with DTS audio
- Support for HEVC videos created with latest FFMPEG
- 60fps HEVC videos can be transcoded to 1080P and 4K profiles
- Custom presets don't save settings for "2 pass" and "pass through video" in Converter
- HEVC decoder crash associated with level switching for DivX Adaptive Streaming
- Player loading of non-latin font names (such as CJK)
- Corrected some translation errors for Korean, Japanese and Russian