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Dropbox 2.0.4

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Journal des changements

- Fix a bug on Windows where changing languages or unlinking sometimes doesn't restart Dropbox.
- Fix a bug on Windows XP where the tray popup would fail to appear.
- Fix a bug in Finder integration where certain files would cause Finder to hang.
- Fix a bug where clicking Share Link didn't open the sharing dialog.
- Fix a bug on OSX where the popup is not always positioned properly.
- Fix the appearance of the tray popup when Aero is enabled or disabled.
- Provides a workaround for users using screen readers on Windows when the tray popup isn't usable.
- Disables accelerated compositing for users on 2010 MacBook Pro notebooks (note that this doesn't fix the core problem, but ensures Dropbox isn't making worse).
- Fix a bug where compositing preferences were affecting other apps than Dropbox.
- Fix a bug where and incorrect system clock renders notifications useless.
- Fix a bug where recently changed files could render incorrectly.
- Fix a bug where the gear menu could cause the client to hang.
- Finder integration improvements.
- Windows shell extension improvements.
- Interface cleanup and polish.
- Other small fixes.