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eMule 0.47a

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Changelog for 0.47a


  • higher filesize limit - increased from 4GB to 256GB
  • enhanced search capabilities - Detailed
  • explanation about the usage of search expressions in eMule
  • improved and fixed proxy support
  • support for new serverside features and
  • optimizations (e.g. filerating support fpr ed2k servers)
  • further bugfixing and improvements

    .: Fixed a Kad bug when looking for a Buddy.. (leuk_he)
    .: Fixed a problem with corrupting known2_64.met if "Remember downloaded files" is disabled
    .: Fixed banned client statistics [Xman1]
    .: Fixed cumulative part file data statistics [TimDzang]
    .: Fixed download list transferred data shown in completed column, if transferred column is hidden.
    .: Fixed stalling during part file allocation.
    .: Fixed rejected connections (ip filter) stats.