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FlashFXP 5.1.0 build 3848

Par OpenSight Software LLC  (Essai commercial)
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Journal des changements

- Fixed: Issue with creating a new custom command if no custom commands exist.
- Fixed: Custom Command /deselect when using a modifier i.e. /deselect * :age+1d
- Fixed: QueueAs/TransferAs (previous build didn't resolve the problem).
- Fixed: Several issues with the queue item editor.
- Added new raw command; /edit "" to open the file for editing.
- Added new raw command; /view "" to open the file for viewing.
- Added new advanced setting via raw command; /set app.os.theme <0|1> set to 0 to turn off theming on list-view and tree-views, 1 to re-enable it. If you're using a dark color scheme it may be more desirable to have themes turned off.
- Added new advanced setting via raw command; /set app.queue.parent <0|1> typically the parent folder entry in the file list cannot be queued/transferred, this override re-enables this behavior allowing the parent directory entry to act as "all items in folder"
- Fixed issue editing UTF-8 files via the internal editor.
- Fixed issue with certain raw commands not executing correctly when run via the transfer queue.
- Changed the way the delete confirmation prompt is shown in the local browser when enabled, if the OS is configured to show a confirmation prompt then that prompt is shown otherwise we display our own confirmation prompt.
- Added new experimental raw command; /copyfile "" "" this command works both locally and remotely, if the server protocol doesn't support a direct copy then the file will be downloaded locally and then uploaded to create the copy.