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FlashFXP 5.1.0 build 3861

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- Fixed when Queuing/Transferring via the Server File Search dialog invalid characters in the source file-name were not replaced in the target file-name before attempting to download.
- Fixed the Queue Selected and Transfer Selected buttons were only functional when the browser pane was activated.
- When moving a file/folder via drag/drop in the local browser the "move file/folder" confirmation prompt is now correctly shown.
- Added new global remote edit option located in the Preferences dialog under the "View/Edit file" section named "Create a backup copy of file original file on upload". On the first edit of a file a backup is created named ., the timestamp is the current modified date/time of the file.
- Added new per-file-association option located in the File Associations dialog named "Create a backup copy of file original file on upload".
- Changed the behavior of the Server File Search dialog, you can now minimize this dialog.
- Added new /dialog custom command to open dialogs used within FlashFXP, this allows the user to bind a custom shortcut to open these dialogs, more information can be found in the help file.
- Fixed remote browser caching issue when connected to two remote servers (one in each browser pane) when performing a Server File Search on one side while navigating folders on the opposite remote browser caused the folders to not be cached.
- Fixed remote browser caching issue where a failed directory listing or aborting the list operation would clear the cache for all child folders.
- Fixed issue where FlashFXP would sometimes fail to refresh/update the directory content of shared folders when running under a VirtualBox VM, these drives are virtual mapped drives and certain Windows Network API's cannot be called on them otherwise the function calls fail