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FlashFXP 5.2.0 build 3897

Par OpenSight Software LLC  (Essai commercial)
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Journal des changements

- Added new "type" column to the remote file list that can be toggled via right-clicking the header.
- The file list columns can now be re-ordered by drag/drop on the column header.
- Fixed file transfer error in mutex handling (regression) when attempting to transfer the same file in multiple instances of FlashFXP or after a file transfer error triggered by a socket error 1054 connection reset by peer.
- Fixed issue with the UI not being consistent with certain configurations after closing and restarting FlashFXP.
- Fixed issue with the transfer graph 'clear' feature not working correctly.
- Fixed issue with local bookmark synchronization feature not working correctly.
- Added work around to address an issue where the local file browser may not update correctly after a delete operation after deleting a file from a network share .