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* Fixed Issues
- Corrects an issue introduced in Flash Player beta. Videos now play as expected when "Enabled Hardware Acceleration" is unchecked on Mac
- Multiple Stability and Security Fixes
- OpenSSL- Multiple Vulnerabilities - Upgrade to 1.0.1i
- [External] RenderToTexture with RectangleTexture causes Runtime Error and presents black screen
- [External][Stage3D]Indexing vertex constants will result in artifacts in rendered output
- [external][IE protected only] FileReference.download leaves "Save as type" blank in IE11
- [External][Windows Only][Non-Injection]: Firefox Window loses focus every time Flash plugin processes are re-launched
- [External Bug][non injection]Sound. loadPCMFromByteArray produces a sound object with a length of 0
- [External] User encountered FF crash on vista with protect mode on after a long time playing youtube and closing entire FF