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IcoFX 2.6

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Par Attila Kovrig en Logiciel contributif
Journal des changements

# Features:
- Align buttons to the Move tool
- Bevel dialog
- Support for animated png files (apng)
- Shadow dialog can create inner shadows
- Added 144x144 (xxhdpi) size to Android icons dialog (Business license)
- Added recent files to the resource editor windows
- Gaussian blur dialog
- Option to use optimized palette for 4 bit images
- The "Batch Create Images" dialog can create images from IFX files (Business license)
- Removed gif frame extraction dialog. File is opened instead.
- Improved saving/loading of gif files
- Improved the portability of the application
- [Fixed] Cancel button of the text tool was not working
- [Fixed] Occasional crash when adding a new 8 bit image to the icon
- [Fixed] Occasional crash when restoring maximized windows
- [Fixed] Batch extraction was hard to cancel
- [Fixed] Maximized windows sometimes remained empty after closing a tab
- New file extension icons
- Minor enhancements and bugfixes

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