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# Changes / New:
* Implemented a Breadcrumbs control for easy navigation, with right mouse click Pop-up for easy task selection.
* The Breadcrumbs' edit control also interprets paths you copy in it (with limitations), or can show the current path, for easy copying to the clipboard.
* Support for typing in a limited list of commands in the Breadcrumbs' edit control (@close, @refresh:drives, @stop, @restart, @new, @find:\).
* Ability to turn off TreeView trying to follow selections made in ListView and Breadcrumbs (faster and less memory use due to virtual implementation).
* Elaborate Search functionality (Ctrl+F), to try and find file(s) and/or folder(s) with certain properties in existing file-systems or file lists. Not to be confused with data/file carving functionality to try and find missing files and folders (Ctrl+F3).
# Improvements:
* Improved use of, and added a lot more ShortCuts throughout the software.
* Different ListView columns layout for search results and ability to show the full path.
* Improved display of files and folders in the status bar, during exploration of folders etc.
* Improvement in time stamp display and during file extraction, for files created in a different daylight saving time period.
* Ability to reload the drives' list (Shift+Ctrl+R) and all associated objects (files folders etc.)(To check if USB drives have been inserted or removed).
* Improved the speed of finding a TreeView item exponentially.
* Make sure the size of an initial install is not bigger than the screen resolution (on systems with low resolution).
* Workaround for Oracle VM VirtualBox 'VBOX CD-ROM' virtual drive that doesn't return correct information in case the ISO file is big (e.g. of a DVD).
* Added Main menu item to allow you to Upgrade from a [Personal] license to a [Professional] license
* Allow to properly resize the Properties (Ctrl+I) Window.
* Show blocks being read in status bar while doing a scan for missing files and folders.
* Added 'Copy path as text to clipboard' function (Ctrl+C).
* Quite a few improvements, changes and re-writes in the core code / engine, as this is a living project and to deal with the ever growing new functionality.
* Various GUI improvements.
# Fixes:
* Bugfix for HFS - Not all folder content was shown all the time (*).
* Bugfix for FAT - Big folders covering multiple clusters would sometimes not be explored fully (*).
* Fixed it so that the Save Dialog, Print Dialog and Font Dialog won't be displayed behind the SectorView window.