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# Improvements include:
- ffmpeg 2.6.3 update
- Improved Closed Captioning support in Live TV
- Fixed music video queuing
- Allow scanning of new sources and marking as watched during other library operations such as “update library”
- Windows DXVA HEVC hardware decoding support if driver and hardware support exist
# Changes :
- Minimal 10.7 Lion 64-bit required on Mac OSX
- Minimal iOS 5.1 required and ATV2 support discontinued
- Minimum Android 4.2 Jelly Bean MR1 required on Android
- Ubuntu 12.04 support dropped in PPA
- On Android the system now handles the volume instead of Kodi
- Removed the need for root/SU on Android. Some hardware/firmware might not like that. Please contact your hardware supplier
- Removal of Tuxbox support. Users of Enigma2 boxes can use the VUPlus PVR add-on
- Removal of AFP filesystem support
- Remove legacy code pre-Frodo 11.0
- Vast amount of possible memory leaks, segfaults, crashes and minor issues have been fixed
- General improvements regarding code stability and performance in all areas
- General code clean-up in all areas to simplify adding future features