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# Bugs fixed:
* HTML import: Embed images if source URL is a local file.
* invisible text because of wrong color (white)
* OOXML import: Import video file too.
* display data description in pivot table.
* paragraph vertical spacing differs from PowerPoint
* ODF files not showing up on Windows search
* handle docx's w:anchor layoutInCell attribute
* OOXML import: Improve chart number formats.
* OOXML import: Import border lines using reference too.
* unused value
* related: \shptxt ... \jpegblip
* related $(workdirurl) was always empty
* unittest
* switch back tab at RefButton closure time
* support for modify passwd in Impress and Draw
* IsDraw doesn't mean the app/page is Draw
* empty/Not empty doesn't work in columns with date format
* don't crash on loading specific .docx
* don't double destroy the HASH when PDF signing.
* crash after 3rd call to ApplicationScriptLibraryContainer
* crash after 3rd call to ApplicationScriptLibraryContainer
* related: don't crash on missing table styles
* allow pasting into input fields
* related $(workdirurl) was always empty
* file crashed while saving.
* crash in oox::drawingml::LayoutNode::setupShape
* crash in DomainMapper_Impl::CloseFieldCommand
* crash in EnhancedCustomShapeTypeNames::Get
* fix ODF import of style:footer-first
* crash after 3rd call to ApplicationScriptLibraryContainer
* LO writer crash while Opening some document.
* sw: fix clicking on hyper-links in Draw objects
* inserting non-chart as chart -> unhandled exception
* css.office.Quickstart should be single-instance service.
* crash on adding new macro library
* upgrade libgltf to 0.0.2
* calc is not accessible to screen readers if sheet is modified
* no fallback for special codes without country
* use 24-bit color depth, not 256 colors when converting an EPS-file.
* crash after 3rd call to ApplicationScriptLibraryContainer
* MM: correctly convert inline-edit fields
* instead of the bold font, use a higher multiplifier (4.3 backport)
* fix unpacking of additional tarballs
* support version 2 ttf fonts and mac font family name encodings
* MSVC build: avoid using SSE2 instructions in some externals
* we only check pAlphaW on one branch
* file crashed while saving.
* changed filterlabel of .ac3-files
* avoid accessing 1 character after a string
* add stub locale data for Catalan (Valencian)
* retain dropdown part after customization
* ensure that the row position is below MAXROW.
* add GetAddressConvention to RefButton
* kill c++11 code from collada2gltf
* be sure to update the sheet index when moving the sort range.
* localized string is truncated
* : Wrong CRC Costa Rica currency symbol
* unexpected exception -> clang builds terminate
* : Export to PDF with footnotes in tables crash
* quick fix for sw too
* RTF import: don't try to rotate TextFrames
* loop in TableInfo::getNextNode
* 1~ instead of ~1 and 10~ instead of 1~0
* don't even attempt to unload libqstart_gtklo.so again