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# Fixes:
- Other: Update Splashscreen and About dialog
- Framework: Tagging: Incorrect lyrics / artwork downloaded for many tracks
- Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus: Art Browser: Some GPUs do not fully support Art Browser
- Main Panel: Album art Caching crashes MMW.
- Synchronization: UBS track pairing added in 4.1.10 can fail in some non default configs.
- Synchronization: iPhone content not read when iTunesCDB is larger than 4194304 bytes.
- Synchronization: iPod Video: sync fails when there is more than 30.000 songs with artworks on the iPod.
- Synchronization: Sync: Error dialog shown on sync (when a very old build of MMA was uninstalled in the middle of USB sync in the past).
- Synchronization: iOS sync get stuck for some users.
- Synchronization: AAC/ALAC files not played/visible by iPod Shuffle 4G.
- Synchronization: Bookmarks not syncing with iPod Shuffle 4G.
- Synchronization: WiFi sync fails for write-limited KitKat device when it is connected over USB at the same time.
- Podcasts: Soundcloud Podcast fails to subscribe.
- Podcasts: Can't subscribe to Podcast (possibly long URL).
- Main Panel: Tree: Artists are duplicated when Artist is not in same order in Multi Artist (when artist names have UNICODE BOM chars inside).
- Other: Version string and portable mode indicator missing separator.
- Conversion/Leveling: f_video: AVI file conversion fail even playback works.
- Playlist / Search: Double Space search in Path (Advanced Search) causes SQL error/AV.
- Synchronization: USB sync failure to android device when a default auto-playlist was synced prior to MMA install.

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