Télécharger Miro 4.0.2

Miro 4.0.2

Par Participatory Culture Foundation  (Source libre)
Note des utilisateurs
Journal des changements

* Enhancements
- all Width of sidebar not saved between restarts
- all New feeds should have an option to default to list view

* Bug fixes
- all Handle database errors when loading item info cache
- all ngrams takes too much memory
- all Miro only updates feeds once, at startup
- all Error when switching from a unloaded browser tab
- all error on upgrade124
- all audio skipping
- all ValueError on quit, subprocess related
- all can't daap share items downloaded via torrent
- all use after free in fasttypes.c
- all crash when fast resume can't be saved
- all Disable unselecting all listview headers
- all Gzip encoded feeds do not work
- all Missing NULL check in daap_timeout_callback()
- all Change to sidebar item heights (UI)
- all don't scrape numbers out of item titles
- all Delete button in video popout does not stop playback
- all TypeError: list indices must be integers, not unicode
- all error when a file moves outside of miro
- all fix issues with strings
- all Video filters can mess with shuffle logic
- all duplicates in podcast/playlist delete confirmation
- Linu Miro won't download new files !
- Linu miro hangs upon startup due to ipv6 issues
- Linu error: unpack requires a string argument of length 8
- Linu Rendering error in in KDE 4.6 based distros
- Linu miro wrapper not working for debugging
- Linu miro-segmenter gets put in the wrong place
- OS X Feeds fail to update with subprocess
- OS X Deleting a feed may result in empty display
- OS X feedparser can freeze UI
- OS X Crash when not using full path to spawn diskutil
- Wind Unusably laggy with a lot of watched folders/media
- Wind Miro hangs after upgrading database to 4.0
- Wind crash in guidecontroller.pyc/249/KeyError
- Wind An unknown error prevented Miro from startup.
- Wind .miro directories appearing on all hard drives besides C:
- Wind WindowsError in usbutils.pyc line 209

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