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Opera 9.20 Beta (Build 8746)

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Dernière version
Opera 28.0.1750.48
Journal des changements

- Upgrading will now attempt to merge the default searches with your own. Look out for bugs! Make a backup!
- Put startbar back into the configuration - disabled by default
- Speed dial now doesn't load entries every time
- Added "reload every" to speed dial items
- Disabled plugins completely in speed dial
- Improved keyboard navigation in speed dial - menu keys now bring up the correct context menu, delete removes current entry
- Added opera:config option to configure speed dial . Has four modes: 0 = Folded, 1 - Shown, 2 = No editing allowed, 3 = Disabled
- New help tooltip in speed dial
- A bunch of other speed dial fixes
- Fixed bug where Opera wouldn't exit after visiting Yahoo! games
- Saving big images should now work better
- Skandiabanken.no's message about successful certificate installation is now shown