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Journal des changements

# Fixes and stability enhancements
* General and User Interface
- Includes updates to the latest Chromium release, version 31.
# New features
* Media access
- Allow websites to access your camera and/or microphone, including support for HTML5 media access.
* Themes
- Themes from can be installed through the theme manager.
* Rocker gestures
- Navigate back and forward between pages in a tab's history by rocking your fingers across your mouse buttons.
* Tab enhancement
- You can now drag tabs between open windows.
# Improvements
* Stability enhancements.
* Enhanced support for Chromium extensions.
* Custom search engines can be created from form context menu (right-click, or Ctrl-click on Mac, in any webpage's search form to try).
* In Windows, set the browser language from the Settings page.