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Password Safe 3.36

Par Rony Shapiro  (Source libre)
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# New Features
* Entries and Groups can be exported to plain text, XML, or to a new PasswordSafe file.
* Added command line option to force choice of tall or wide dialog screens.
* Added a tooltip for the copy-to-clipboard button in the generator.
* Caps Lock indicator added to passphrase entry dialogs.
# Bugs fixed
* Non-ASCII symbols can now be specified in Password Policies.
* Asterisk is now accepted as a symbol in Password Policies.
* Don't count unchecked character types in password policies when checking for consistency.
* Relax restriction on easy-vision password policy + more consistent UI.
* Hex digits checkbox can be selected in Generate Passwords.
* Fixed incompatability with Password Policies generated with previous versions.
* Fixed regression in Find toolbar functionality.