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phpMyAdmin 4.2.12

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Journal des changements

# Fixes -
- Blank/white page when JavaScript disabled
- Multi row actions cause full page reloads
- ReferenceError: targeurl is not defined
- Incorrect text/icon display in Tracking report
- Recordset return from procedure display nothing
- Edit dialog for routines is too long for smaller displays
- Javascript error after moving a column
- Issue with long comments on table columns
- Input field unnecessarily selected on focus
- Exporting selected rows exports all rows of the query
- No insert statement produced in SQL export for queries with alias
- Field disabled when internal relations used
- [security] XSS through exception stack
- [security] Path traversal can lead to leakage of line count
- [security] XSS vulnerability in table print view
- [security] XSS vulnerability in zoom search page
- [security] Path traversal in file inclusion of GIS factory
- [security] XSS in multi submit
- [security] XSS through pma_fontsize cookie