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phpMyAdmin 4.0.2

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Journal des changements

- Cannot browse when table name contains keyword "call"
- center loading indicator for navigation refresh, related to bug #3920
- Table sorting in navigation panel is case-sensitive
- Import of CSV file (Replace table data with file) with duplicate values
- undefined variables, function parameter problems
- Structure not refreshed after column drop
- View is not updatable
- PropertiesIconic not honored
- Databases to choose for specific privileges show up escaped
- Export database with empty table as a php array, does not produce valid PHP
- Query profiler chart not loading from SQL Query page
- Missing CSV import option "Do not abort on INSERT error"
- Missing Operations>Table options>AUTO_INCREMENT
- Missing CREATE DATABASE statement when exporting at database level
- Show warning when CSV file does not contain data for all columns
- Missing Sql Query after modify structure
- Server export problems
- CountTables directive is deprecated