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phpMyAdmin 4.0.5

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Journal des changements

- Not detected configuration storage
- Pressing enter in the filter field reloads page
- Cannot insert in this table (PHP < 5.4)
- Reloading privileges does not update the interface
- NavigationBarIconic config not honored
- Call to undefined function mb_detect_encoding
- Analyze option not shown for InnoDB tables
- Forcing a storage engine for configuration storage
- bug Incorrect Drizzle 7 detection
- Create database if not exists (export): add an option to the interface to enable generating CREATE DATABASE and USE (false by default)
- Crash on CSV file import
- Statistic Monitor shows only last 3 digits in graph
- Non-permanent SQL history not working
- Transformations for text/plain on a BLOB column
- [security] Improved protection against cross framing
- Reinstated configuration directive: AllowThirdPartyFraming