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Postbox 2.0.0

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Par Postbox Inc en Essai commercial
Journal des changements

* Universal Inbox and Account Groups
* To-Dos - View all of the To-Dos in a tab for a folder or search by clicking the new To-Do view button in the toolbar
* Quick Reply - reply to a message without the need to open a separate compose window
* Quick Switch - the 'g' key will bring up a panel which you can use to switch to another folder
* Focus Pane - filter by Has Attachment, Unread, Topics, Favorite Contacts, and Dates
* Quick Move - the 'v' key will bring up a panel which you can use to autocomplete against your list of folders for easy filing
* Improved Signatures Support - signatures are now accessible from the Compose Toolbar
* Compact or Minimal Header Display Mode
* Messages are now sent in the background
* Improved Keyboard Shortcuts
* Several stability and peformance fixes

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