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Rainlendar 2.13 Beta 143

Par Rainy  (Logiciel gratuit)
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Journal des changements

- When windows are shown they are also brought to front.
- Alarm showed start and end time also for all day events.
- Toodledo tokens are shared between calendars.
- Added (limited) support for Outlook.com online calendar.
- Creating new events to CalDAV sometimes wrote them to incorrect folder.
- Linked windows did not reposition when the other window content changed.
- The manager shows the next alarm in the tooltip.
- It's possible to filter only the active alarms in the manager.
- The next alarm can be dismissed from the manager's context menu for the alarm icon.
- Unicode characters in JSON replies (e.g. with Google Calendar) were not always decoded correctly.
- The time zone is not added to single events on Google Calendar if calendar uses local time.
- Collapsing a task brought its subtasks to root.
- Sidebar window draw the event and list items behind the background image.