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Rainlendar 2.13 Beta 144

Par Rainy  (Logiciel gratuit)
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Journal des changements

- Manager showed "Dismiss next alarm" menu item for already dismissed alarms.
- Network shared calendar failed to upload the events if the server redirected the request.
- A changed single instance of a recurring Outlook event did not shown correct time
- Added "resizemargin" setting for the xml format skins.
- The link button got hidden when the list window was resized.
- Mac iCal showed yearly recurring events as daily recurring on Yosemite.
- "disableCookies"-setting (in rainlendar2.ini) can be used to disable the authentication cookies in CalDAV.
- Added "Default event duration" setting to the advanced settings.
- Manager's task list shows the subtasks as indended.
- The alarm file can contain "[summary]"-text which gets replaced with the event's summary. "[id]" is replaced with the event id.
- Subscribed Google calendars are automatically set to read-only if the user does not have write permissions.
- Added option to ignore the private events on Google Calendar.
- Copying events from Google Calendar to local did not work.
- The Rainlendar_ShowMenu() supports icons and checkmarks in the menu items.
- A missing settings file can be automatically restored from the latest backup file.