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Sandboxie 4.08

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Journal des changements

- Added support for SetCursorPos API.
- Support for Immediate Recovery on Windows 8.1.
- Fixed crash when Microsoft Chinese Pinyin IME is in use.
- Fixed a problem with Chrome and LastPass on Windows 8.1
- Fixed a BSOD crash.
- Added support for pasting bitmaps and metafiles from the clipboard.
- Added support for the dynamic variant of \RPC Control\spoolss (from spoolsv.exe) that is introduced in Windows 8.1, to allow programs in the sandbox to print in Windows 8.1.
- Added NACL.EXE and NACL64.EXE to list of lingering programs.
- Fixed error SBIE2205 after installing Microsoft KB2898785 with IE10 and IE 11

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