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# Important enhancements:
* Scribus has been ported to the Haiku operating system.
* The Barcode Writer has been updated and supports many more barcodes, including QR.
* The Galaxy Gauge™ color matching system and color tools have been included.
* New color palettes from government agencies (Canada, Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom) have been included.
* More Open Source color palettes have been included.
* Improvements to the build system.
* Improvements to the Preflight Verifier.
* The A4 page size limit of TeX-rendered graphics in Render Frames has been removed.
* The Short Words plug-in now supports Danish.
* Many updates to the Online Manual.
# Most important bugfixes:
* Disabled hyphenation on some Linux distributions is working again.
* Some unit conversion issues have been fixed.
* Display issues related to Ubuntu's Unity interface have been fixed.
* Some fixes to wrong or irritating UI behavior.
* Memory management in connection with the new Hyphenator has been optimized.
* Issues with the Clang compiler have been fixed.
* Scribus now supports Pillow as an alternative to the Python Imaging Library.
* Many translation updates.

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