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- New (SE/Pro): If there are profile notes then shown as a hint in main window when mouse over profile name
- Fixed: Leading and trailing space characters were being trimmed off when saving passwords and the standard settings encryption was being used
- Fixed: Custom colours loaded and saved when setting profile background colour in main window
- Fixed (Free): Installer was putting debug.ini into wrong folder
- Fixed (Pro): Cloud profiles run in a group may fail to login if token changed in previous cloud profile in group
- Fixed (Pro): SFTP profiles run in a group may not accept SFTP key if it was new or changed and accepted in previous SFTP profile in group
- Fixed: SQLite3 Error 21 - library routine called out of sequence.
- Fixed: File and folder exclusions from Differences window not saved correctly
- Fixed: Partial selection not shown for all parent folders in file and folder selections windows when a folder untick
- Fixed: Selections may fail to be used if case does not match
- Fixed: File and folder selections may not have been converted correctly, will now reconvert
- Fixed (Free): Windows 10 does not allow a schedule to be created with the Do not store password option unless process running as administrator
- Updated: Reduced program start-up time when there are many profiles
- Updated (SE/Pro): Reduced program close time when deleting old profile backups
- Updated: Profile settings conversions now protected by mutex to stop multiple SyncBack processes converting profiles at the same time
- Updated (Pro): Scripting section of help file
- Updated: If there are profiles in same folder as SyncBack and cannot be used because of access rights then user prompted to export them
- Updated (SE/Pro): The Fast Backup rescan variables are expanded based on the profile start time and not the scan started time