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The Gimp 2.6.12

Par The GIMP Team  (Source libre)
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Journal des changements

* Bugs fixed:
- GIMP 2.6.10 segfaults when CTRL-left click on a layer mask
- GIMP fails to import a path from SVG
- Crash or Gtk-CRITICAL on File->Open
- [abrt] gimp-2:2.6.11-1.fc14: py-slice.py:172:slice:TypeError: integer argument expected, got float
- gimp(1) manpage fixes
- Sample Colorize does not function non-interactively
- file-pdf-load: Don't use deprecated API
- file-psp: fix for bogus input data
- Fixes for some buffer overflow problems
- Guard against crash due to quitting while DND is processed
- fails to build with -Werror=format-security
- script-fu: make server IPv6 aware
- ... plus a ton of others.
* Updated translations:
- Asturian (ast)
- Catalan (Valencian) (ca@valencia)
- Danish (da)
- Greek (el)
- Esperanto (eo)
- Spanish (es)
- Italian (it)
- Japanese (ja)
- Kazakh (kk)
- Latvian (la)
- Norwegian Nynorsk (nn)
- Polish (pl)
- Portuguese (pt)
- Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR)
- Russian (ru)
- Turkish (tr)
- Simplified Chinese (zh_CN)