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The Bat! Home Edition 6.6

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Journal des changements

* New features
- An option to save selected attachments into a specified folder without confirming each file has been implemented
- It is now possible to specify macros in backup archive comments
- The following character sets are now supported: EUC-JIS-2004, SHIFT_JIS-2004, ISO-2022-JP-2004, BIG5-2003
- Added support for ORFO 2014
- Extra code pages have been enabled: cp856, cp922, cp943, cp1046, cp1124, cp1129, cp1161, cp1162, cp1163, dec_kanji, dec_hanyu, cp437, cp737, cp775, cp852, cp853, cp855, cp857, cp858, cp860, cp861, cp863, cp864, cp865, cp869, cp1125, euc_jisx0213, shift_jisx0213, iso2022_jp3, big5_2003, tds565, atarist and riscos1
- RSS version 0.91, 0.92 and 1.0 are now supported as well
* Improvements
- Lists of the seen POP messages (from ACCOUNT.M_R and ACCOUNT.M_D) are now updated at the start of each POP session
- The Account information tab can be closed now. Should you need the account information in future, you will be able to reactivate this tab in the global preferences
- Indication of IMAP folder listing completion in the IMAP Folder Manager to avoid confusion
- Extended mouse buttons are now working not only in message lists, but in all message list windows
- Web-help is now used if invoked under the Russian program interface language
- Memory usage optimization for sending large messages
- Multi-tag description in RSS feeds is now supported
- The layout of message list context menu was changed to make functions that are frequently used more accessible
- An error regarding messages containing several text/plain inline parts and displaying them as having a single text part has been fixed
- New threading modes: by Sender Name, Sender Address, Recipient Name and Recipient Address
- The attachments pane menu was reworked: the option "Select All" was added; the option “Save to a folder” is visible when multiple attachments are selected
- /STARTUP_TIMING_LOG now displays which tasks in backup consume most time
* Fixes
- Postponed messages are no longer sent many times after re-editing
- The Reply-To field is not filled any more, if it is empty upon editing a stored message as new
- HTML Images from files with names with non-ASCII characters are now stored with correct names
- Since version 6.0 The Bat! didn't work with external PGP 5,6,7,8,9,10, that issue has been eliminated
- Tag statistics are now correctly loaded when on-the-fly message base encryption is used
- Split messages are automatically combined on IMAP
- The Bat! handles errors in ISO-2022 (Japanese) encoding properly now
- The /LOG_PGP_COMMAND_LINE command line parameter is now functional as it used to be in versions prior to 6.0
- The Bat! does not pass recipients to GnuPG with curly braces any more
- The "Compact folder after each message deletion" option is now once again functional in IMAP accounts
- The "Book" button in the "Add to address book" helper dialogue properly works now
- The Access Violation error message when moving messages from one IMAP account to another has been fixed
- The Access Violation error message when moving messages from IMAP to local folders has been fixed
- The issue with restoring folders with the "&" character in the name has been eliminated
- A problem with importing of UTF in CSV has been fixed
- In issue forcing the usage of Tahoma by default as the message header font rather than Segoe UI has been eliminated
- Problems with non-ASCII characters in file names in the "Watch and Send files" Scheduler action have been fixed
- The issue causing "Unexpected exception EEncodingError" error message in the RSS reader has been fixed
- The problem forcing The Bat! to crash after closing with user-defined Message Tab has been eliminated
- Messages left on the POP3 server are now deleted when removed from The Bat!’s Trash folder if the "Delete message from server when it is removed from Trash" option is enabled
- The issue with color drop-downs ignoring localized names in different dialogs has been fixed
- The Access Violation error, which appeared in the Inbox Analyzer while trying to check RSS account, has been fixed
- Memory leaks caused by using the operating system’s web-browser as the HTML viewer have been eliminated
- Data from LDIF files with international characters is now correctly imported
- Contacts with international characters are now correctly exported into LDIF files
- The issue preventing the imported groups to be immediately visible in the address book has been fixed
- "Reply to All" from the Quick Reply pane does not use all addresses in the "To:" field anymore
- New Tag colour settings are now saved correctly
- Problems that occurred when printing from SmartBat have been resolved
- The issue related to automatic completion of server settings when creating new accounts has been fixed
- Captions were truncated in some dialogs for certain languages
- High DPI awareness wasn't properly declared since version 6.5. As a result, fonts on high-DPI-monitors were blurred under Windows 8.1
- Reduced CPU consumption during backup and increased backup speed