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Total Commander 8.00 beta 22

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Par Christian Ghisler  (Logiciel contributif)
Dernière version
Total Commander 8.51a
Journal des changements

- Added: (Experimental) Change font for tooltips separately: wincmd.ini, resolution-specific section, FontNameTip, FontCharsetTip, FontSizeTip and FontStyleTip (TC uses the dialog box settings if these are not present) (32/64)
- Added: Options to set format of WM_GETTEXT result (for screen readers): wincmd.ini [Configuration] GetTextMode=0: Delimiter: 0: space, 1: tab, 2=<cr> 3=<cr><lf> 4=like 2 5=like 3. 4&5 show fields with column headers (tab-separated), e.g. Name:<tab>Filename<cr>Size:<tab>10k (32/64)
- Fixed: Inactive focus rectangle not redrawn correctly when user closes inplace rename edit box by clicking in other panel (32)
- Fixed: When starting TC maximized, extensions could be shown attached to names by mistake because the calculation returns -1 for the name column width, which means directly after name (32/64)
- Fixed: Installing a plugin a second time didn't find the previous installation if the existing plugin path contained an environment variable (32/64)
- Fixed: FTP: Displayed file sizes invalid (far too large) when using a template (64)
- Fixed: When uninstalling 64-bit version, UNRAR9X.DLL from a 32-bit version in the same directory wasn't removed. Cannot remove 32-bit links because they may be pointing to a different directory (64)
- Fixed: Use timer to show inplace edit box in synchronize dirs in a similar way to the main program, otherwise double clicks do not work always (32/64)
- Fixed: Ctrl+Enter still selected the entire command line when it had the focus AND Ctrl was released before the Enter key (64)
- Fixed: Packer plugin configuration dialog: Show "File x not found" error when the user enters a non-existing plugin name manually (32/64)
- Fixed: Don't set cursor in source window when user closes inplace rename box by clicking in other panel (64)
- Added: Log function for icon thread: wincmd.ini [Configuration] DebugIconThread=1 to allow test why icon extraction or dir size calculation hangs (=2 for more details) (32/64)
- Fixed: Changed Lazarus code to draw menu bar background area correctly (just the empty area) (64)
- Fixed: Menu background was drawn incorrectly with classic theme (64)
- Fixed: Menu wasn't drawn disabled with classic theme when TC/Lister didn't have the focus (64)
- Fixed: On some computers, changing themes causes problems with main menu bar (menu items have 0 width) -> try to call DrawMenuBar with a timer, also try normal width if theme width returns 0 (64)
- Fixed: Inplace rename edit box in sync tool was using the wrong colors (instead, use standard window text and background) (32/64)