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Winamp 5.70 Full Beta 3392

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Journal des changements

- Fixed: [pmp_android/usb] Transfers fail if <Albumartist> contains illegal characters
- Fixed Prefs dialog staying offscreen when last monitor/position it was on is no longer valid
- Also save last position of Alt+3 & Ctrl+E dialog windows
- [Beta-builds-only] Attempt to load gen_crasher.dll first (so we can hopefully catch any crashes which were missed when other gen plugins loaded first)
- [Winamp Setup] Show Winamp version in About dialog instead of e.g.
- [Winamp Setup] Fixed dialogs & messageboxes not showing the Winamp icon
- [elevatorps.dll] Fixed dll name in version info
- [in_mp3] Made ID3v1 tag changes only update Basic Info tab when no ID3v2 tag present
- (ID3v2 tag should always take precedence - how long has this 'bug' existed?)
- Made ID3v1 tag changes not auto-update an existing ID3v2 tag (these should be separate, right?)
- [in_flac] Possible fix for jph6t's FLAC genre issue
- [in_flac] Fixed seek-before-play crash (5.7-beta-specific)
- [gen_ml] Updated default node order on new/clean installs
- [gen_ml] Force drawing update of header when changing the cloud column status
- [ml_disc] Another potential crash on cd load fix...
- [ml_local] Change "Library" (ex: Local Media) to "Local Library" for main ml node...
- [ml_local] Added a "Cloud (Hidden)" string for Customize Columns dialog...
- [ml_local] Add files to library: potential crash fix
- [ml_local] Also save last position of edit metadata dialog
- [ml_impex] Allow iTunes playlist import to obey the 'add to cloud' settings
- [ml_plg] Fixed placement of 'View tracks similar to' menu item in ml_playlists to match ml_local etc.
- [ml_plg] Fixed incorrect title in uninstall plugin dialog
- [ml_playlists] Fixed tooltip in root view > Cloud column to show an appropriate string (Upload playlist to Cloud & Available in the Cloud)
- [ml_playlists] Refresh playlist root view once Cloud has become available
- [ml_playlists / gen_ml] Various "SendTo" tweaks...
- [ml_playlists] Added a "Save" button (for saving any changes without having to refresh the view; greyed-out if no changes have been made)
- [ml_playlists] Set playlist name as the filename on the Export dialog (instead of just being empty)
- [ml_playlists] Set m3u8 as the default export type instead of m3u, but remember the last filter selection, if changed
- [ml_playlists] Optimizations for importing/loading a large number of playlists
- [ml_playlists] Remember last selected folder
- [ml_playlists] Fixed to not set cloud status when cloud support is not installed
- [ml_playlists] Show a message if a playlist source file is missing
- [ml_playlists] Various other tweaks/fixes
- [cloud] MIME value generation tweaks; Misc database optimizations; Crash fixes
- [cloud] Database nuke bump (please wait for 'first pull completed' msg before using cloud features)
- [ml_cloud] Store created playlists
- Cloud playlists created locally: %appdata%\Winamp\Plugins\ml\playlists\plf***.m3u8
- Playlists pulled from Cloud made with other devices: %appdata%\Winamp\Cloud\Playlists\cloud-<uid>.m3u8
- [ml_cloud] Fixed updates being saved to wrong playlist file...
- [ml_cloud] Fixed playlist updates from Cloud not being processed/saved correctly
- [ml_cloud] Fixed cloud icon not being reset correctly
- [ml_cloud] New playlist strings: Always prompt; Keep the playlist; Remove the playlist
- [ml_cloud] Added "Show 'Local Library' Source" to Cloud Library root node menu
- [ml_cloud] Renamed 'Cloud Sources' node to 'Cloud Library'
- [ml_cloud] Force library open (if it isn't already) when clicking "here" link in prefs
- [ml_cloud] Show logged in username on 'Cloud Account' header in Prefs
- [ml_cloud] windowoffscreen support for cloud status window
- [ml_cloud] Fixed external windows (eg. Sign-in > Terms) not being skinned in the Winamp style
- [ml_cloud] Help menu item now active (Help contents still a w.i.p. - please don't broadcast url)
- [ml_cloud/devices/pmp/pmp_cloud] Made 'Cloud Library' node switch between the Sign-In page and an 'All Sources' view (after login)
- [ml_cloud/devices/pmp] Added an 'Add Sources' view under Cloud (same as old Cloud Sources view, serverside w.i.p.)
- [ml_pmp] Added "Hide Source" to Cloud->Local Library node rt-click menu
- [ml_pmp] Crash fix (lang pack related)
- [ml_pmp] Fixed Transfer & Sources nodes being removed when removing a Cloud source
- [ml_pmp] Prevent right-click menus appearing when scanning
- [ml/pmp_cloud] Disabled renaming of "Winamp Storage" view
- [ml/pmp_cloud] Added "Beta" to plugin version strings
- [ml/pmp_cloud] Changed all string instances of "device" to "source"
- [pmp_cloud] Changed "Winamp Cloud" to "Winamp Storage" for new installs
- Various crash fixes from crash reports
- Various other misc fixes/tweaks etc.