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Winamp 5.70 Full Beta 3402

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Winamp 5.70 Full Beta 3444
Journal des changements

- Fixed: Failing to load on some Windows 8 (and earlier) installs (thanks Nanner)
- Basically, disabled the bindimage function (dll re-baser/optimizing stage) in the installer...
- Please let us know if you notice it taking considerably longer for Winamp to load
- Fixed: [in_mp4] Seeking files/podcasts which use a single video frame as artwork
- Made beta builds have a life time of 4 weeks!
- after which, a nag screen will prompt the user to get the latest build
- (we're receiving too many reports of crashes from old builds that have already been fixed)
- Made wlz temp folder name more easily identifiable (helps with crash reports)
- Potential album art cache & NowPlaying title change crash fixes (based on crash reports)
- Group together the SEH options on the Plugins prefs page under a "Plug-in Developers" section
- Tweaked "Prefs > Localization" page
- (New "Miscellaneous" option: "Show Language Packs in a sub-menu on the main right-click menu")
- Fixed: Add/Open URL functionality (was broken from "remember last position" implementation)
- [Winamp / omBrowser] Enable fuller titles in skinned windows for classic skins;
- Updated gen.bmp to support "-" and ":" (for above)
- [Winamp] Moved the Audio CD option in Prefs > Filetypes into its own section
- [Winamp Setup] Completion of Win8 Filetype Associations page ("w.i.p" removed from line in whatsnew.txt)
- [Winamp / ml_local] Remember position of a few more dialogs (About; Open File; Jump To Time; EQ Presets; Query Editor)
- [ml_rg / ml_transcode / ml_plg] Remember the last position of a few more dialogs...
- [Installer] Remove DrO's gen_os_diag.dll plugin (Ref)
- [in_linein] Crash fix from crash report
- [ml_local / ml_history] Made the F6 hotkey support select the search bar text (was only focusing it)
- [ml_rg] Fixed error in progress percentage calculation on large files (>60mins)
- [ml_pmp / ml_cloud] Remember column sort orders in views
- [ml_pmp] Add F6 hotkey support to focus & select the search bar in views
- [ml_pmp] Added a "Confirm Quit" message when closing Winamp whilst portable/cloud transfers are in progress
- [ml_pmp] New "No compatible files" message (shown when files selected for transfer have already been uploaded or can't be found)
- [ml_pmp] Work on upper panes (cloud icon/status; handling of grouped selections; etc)
- [ml_pmp] New tooltips for upper panes in cloud sources views (All/Some/No tracks playable locally)
- [ml_pmp] Added option for "Cloud Source Display Settings" to "Remember search filters"
- (Winamp > Prefs > Cloud Library > (Source) > View tab)
- [ml_pmp / ml_cloud] Added 'View' tab to main Cloud Library prefs
- [ml_cloud] Another nuke version bump (please wait for first pull before using Cloud features)
- [ml_cloud] Fixed crash on close on WinXP
- [ml_cloud] Fixed display update issue in Logging tab
- [cloud] Updated sqlite to 3.7.17
- [playlist.w5s/ml_playlists/ml_cloud]
- Add 'cloud_status' to what's stored in the cloud playlists
- Enable the cloud icon column in the views
- Fixed playlists being lost but not re-pulled if the local db indicates no detectable changes
- Various fixes/tweaks for cloud playlist updates/downloads/removals/renames/caching
- [ml_playlists] Various Cloud Playlists tweaks/fixes
- [ml_playlists] Added "Track available in {source}" & "Upload track to source" menu items
- [ml_playlists] Fixed sporadic crash when dragging to bottom of playlist
- [ml_playlists] Fixed tooltip on playlists root not updating correctly
- [pmp_cloud] Prevent 'All Sources' from appearing on Send to -> Cloud Sources
- Lang packs: Polish (fully updated); German, Portuguese-BR & Japanese (mostly up-to-date), Russian & Turkish (partially updated)
- Updated: [gen_jumpex] JTFE v1.2.6 b1163
- added a version resource
- DirectMouseWheel support
- applied the windowoffscreen fix for the non-skinned version
- Various other misc fixes
- Updated: msvcr90.dll from 9.0.21022.8 to v9.0.30729.6161
- Updated: [libFLAC] FLAC 1.3.0 (final release)
- Updated: [png] libpng v1.5.16
- Various other misc tweaks, optimizations & fixes etc.