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Wireshark 1.12.2 (64-bit)

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Journal des changements

# The following vulnerabilities have been fixed.
* SigComp UDVM buffer overflow.
* AMQP crash.
* NCP crashes.
* TN5250 infinite loops.
# The following bugs have been fixed:
* Wireshark determine packets of MMS protocol as a packets of T.125 protocol.
* 6LoWPAN Mesh headers not treated as encapsulating address.
* UCP dissector bug of operation 31 - PID 0639 not recognized.
* iSCSI dissector rejects PDUs with "expected data transfer length" > 16M.
* GTPv2: trigging_tree under Trace information has wrong length.
* openflow_v1 OFPT_FEATURES_REPLY parsed incorrectly.
* Capture files from a remote virtual interface on MacOS X 10.9.5 aren’t dissected correctly.
* Problem specifying protocol name for filtering.
* LLDP TIA Network Policy Unknown Policy Flag Decode is not correct.
* Decryption of DCERPC with Kerberos encryption fails.
* Dissection of DECRPC NT sid28 shouldn’t show expert info if tree is null.
* Attempt to render an SMS-DELIVER-REPORT instead of an SMS-DELIVER.
* IPv6 Calipso option length is not used properly.
* The SPDY dissector couldn’t dissecting packet correctly.
* IPv6 QuickStart option Nonce is read incorrectly.
* IPv6 Mobility Option IPv6 Address/Prefix marks too many bytes for the address/prefix field.
* IPv6 Mobility Option Binding Authorization Data for FMIPv6 Authenticator field is read beyond the option data.
* IPv6 Mobility Option Mobile Node Link Layer Identifier Link-layer Identifier field is read beyond the option data.
* Wrong offset for hf_mq_id_icf1 in packet-mq.c.
* Malformed PTPoE announce packet.
* IPv6 Permanent Home Keygen Token mobility option includes too many bytes for the token field.
* IPv6 Redirect Mobility Option K and N bits are parsed incorrectly.
* IPv6 Care Of Test mobility option includes too many bytes for the Keygen Token field.
* IPv6 MESG-ID mobility option is parsed incorrectly.
* IPv6 AUTH mobility option parses Mobility SPI and Authentication Data incorrectly.
* IPv6 DNS-UPDATE-TYPE mobility option includes too many bytes for the MD identity field.
* IPv6 Local Mobility Anchor Address mobility option’s code and reserved fields are parsed as 2 bytes instead of 1.
* WCCP v.2.01 extended assignment data element parsed wrong.
* DNS ISDN RR Sub Address field is read one byte early.
* TShark crashes when running with PDML on a specific packet.
* DNS A6 Address Suffix field is parsed incorrectly.
* DNS response time: calculation incorrect.
* SMPP does not display properly the hour field in the Submit_sm Validity Period field.
* DNS Name Length for Zone RR on root is 6 and Label Count is 1.
* DNS WKS RR Protocol field is read as 4 bytes instead of 1.
* IPv6 Mobility Option Context Request reads an extra request.
# Updated Protocol Support
* 6LoWPAN, AMQP, ANSI IS-637-A, Bluetooth HCI, CoAP, DCERPC (all), DCERPC NT, DNS, GSM MAP, GTPv2, H.223, HPSW, HTTP2, IEEE 802.11, IPv6, iSCSI, Kerberos, LBT-RM, LLDP, MIH, Mobile IPv6, MQ, NCP, OpcUa, OpenFlow, PKTAP, PTPoE, SigComp, SMB2, SMPP, SPDY, Stanag 4607, T.125, UCP, USB CCID, and WCCP
# New and Updated Capture File Support
* Catapult DCT2000, HP-UX nettl, Ixia IxVeriWave, pcap, pcap-ng, RADCOM, and Sniffer (DOS)