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Wireshark 64-bit 2.0.3

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# Vulnerabilities fixed:
- The NCP dissector could crash.
- TShark could crash due to a packet reassembly bug.
- The IEEE 802.11 dissector could crash.
- The PKTC dissector could crash.
- The PKTC dissector could crash.
- The IAX2 dissector could go into an infinite loop.
- Wireshark and TShark could exhaust the stack.
- The GSM CBCH dissector could crash.
- MS-WSP dissector crash.
# Bugs fixed:
- Protocol Hierarchy Statistics shows LDAP lines recursively.
- UTF-8 replacement characters in FT_STRINGs are escaped for presentation.
- DTLS : reassembly error, protocol DTLS: New fragment overlaps old data.
- Packet byte pane in Qt version of packet window isn’t being displayed.
- "wireshark -i usbmon2 -k" results in "No interfaces selected" when restarting a capture.
- Crash when changing the "which packets to print" radio button in the Print dialog.
- Selecting packets causes memory leak.
- Client Hello not dissected when failed SSL handshake fully captured.
- TCP graphs - wrong stream graphed if stream index > 99.
- Typo in packet-gsm_a_dtap.c.
- Lua dot file error.
- "All Files" does not allow selecting files without period.
- wlan, wlan_mgt, Length error shown for IE BSS AC Access Delay/WAPI Parameter Set (68).
- Qt GUI very slow when expanding packet details with a lot of items.
- Comparing a boolean field against 1 always succeeds on big-endian machines.
- FIN flag not always correctly passed to subdissectors.
- Interpretation of BGP NLRI for default route cause malformed packet.
- Capture Interfaces dialog crashes after clicking the bookmark menu.
- Wireshark crashes right after a capture filter is selected.
- GSM GMM Identity Response dissection error.
- Crash reloading "dissector.lua" from the Wireshark website.
- VoIP calls does not show IAX2 calls.
- Wireshark CPU usage has dramatically increased.
- RPC/NFS incorrectly decodes as ACAP.
- Wireshark mistakenly flags CF-End packets as being Malformed.
- ASTERIX Category 48 Reserved Expansion Field.
- It is not possible to enter characters requiring "Alt Gr" in the display filter box such as "[" on a Swedish keyboard.
- tshark crashes when trying to export to pdml.
- Build fails on Centos 6.5 with gtk2 in ui/gtk/rtp_player.c rtp_channel_info_r has no no member start_time.
- TCP Dissector - spurious retransmissions not always recognized.
- PRA Identifier of the IE PRA Action should use 3 octets (6 to 8) and not 2 in GTPv2.
- Dissector bug, failed assertion, proto_desegment pinfo→can_desegment.
- Colorize with filter, new coloring rule, is labeled as new conversation rule.
- Qt Multicast Stream Dialog error in input field Burst alarm threshold and Buffer alarm.
- 6LoWPAN reassembly incorrect if extension header padding was elided.
- USBPcap prevents keyboard from working.
- Crash when reloading Lua script when Field is gone.
- Wrong display of USSD strings in the GSM 7-bit alphabet for non-ASCII characters in Wireshark 2.0.x.
- Malformed Packet: RTP.
- Incorrect error on MPA pdu length on iWARP packets.
- Endpoints window doesn’t show name resolution.

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