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Kodi 14.0 RC 3

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Par XBMC  (Source libre)
Journal des changements

- Bump FFmpeg to 2.4.4
- Fix problem with setting content on new and existing video sources
- Fix spinner in video settings for choosing hardware or software decoding
- Fix recording history in PVR
- Separate sort order in PVR window for each directory
- Fix PVR preview video scaling for AMLCodec on Android
- Fix restart option on Win 8.1
- Fix crashes on certain Intel GPU when playing video
- Fix crashes on certain videos on Android 5.0 devices (Nexus Player and ADT-1)
- Fix LPCM (audio/L16) streaming via UPnP
- Use correct art type when appending art to item lists
- Fix python PIL package on Windows that caused crash on weather add-on
- Updated GUI translation files