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Audacity 2.0.1

Da Audacity Development Team  (Open Source)
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# Bug fixes
* Interface
- Selection Toolbar: a value for the previous whole second displayed if the value was close to a whole second.
- Finding zero crossings could cause the selection to expand into white space at either side of the clip.
- Clips did not drag to another track if mouse was over a selection.
- Mixer Board: Rendering four tracks resulted in a redundant Track Strip followed by a crash.
* Imports, Exports and Files
- Exporting to WAV or AIFF led to a "Libsndfile says" error or corrupted output due to order of metadata in imported files.
- (Mac) Fixed crashes importing MP3 files on PPC machines.
- (Linux Ubuntu) .Aup files could not be associated with Audacity (they opened in the web browser instead).
* Effects and Analysis
- Normalize: Fixed issues where normalization could be to wrong value if applied with DC offset correction, or if applied to "read-directly" WAV and AIFF files before On-Demand completed.
- Sliding Time Scale: fixed an audible discontinuity at the beginning of the processed selection; fixed a serious quality problem on Linux 64-bit.
* Other miscellaneous bug fixes
- including fix to prevent zooming with mouse wheel or ball scrolling the content off-screen.
# Changes and Improvements
* Shortcuts can now be added in Keyboard Preferences to items in the Generate, Effect or Analyze menus, including user-added plug-ins.
* Nyquist Effect plug-ins can now be added to Chains.
* New "Paulstretch" effect for extreme slowdown without pitch change.
* New "Sample Data Export" Analyze effect for exporting a file containing amplitude values for each sample in the selection.
* New Preference (off by default) to import files On-Demand (without seek ability) when using the optional FFmpeg library.
* New Preference (off by default) to retain labels when deleting a selection that snaps to the label without extending past it.
* (Windows installer) New option to reset Preferences on next launch.
* (Mac) Audacity now has excellent compatibility with the VoiceOver screen reader. For details, please see
* CleanSpeech Mode (no longer supported) will not now be enabled even if it was enabled by an earlier version of Audacity.
* Added Serbian (Latin and Cyrillic) translations.