Scarica AVG Free Edition 10.0.1375 (64-bit)

AVG Free Edition 10.0.1375 (64-bit)

Da AVG Technologies  (Freeware)
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# Fixes & Improvements
* AvgSys: Fixed enumeration of Virus Vault.
* E-mail Scanner: Removed issue with posible crash while file mapping.
* E-mail Scanner: Corrected invalid characters in certifications.
* E-mail Scanner: Fixed crash on e-mails with empty content type.
* E-mail Scanner: E-mail parsing problem resolved.
* Kernel: Fixed issue with Resident Shield exclusion list when Kerio mail server is installed.
* Outlook: Fixed issue with AVG add-in blocking opening new windows in Outlook (reported by
* Outlook: Fixed issue with Outlook crash caused by AVG add-in (reported by
* Outlook: Fixed problem with sending digitally signed e-mails.
* Safe Search: Improved SafeSearch loading time in Internet Explorer 9.
* Safe Search: Fixed issue with Firefox crash during AVG scanning.
* Safe Search: Fixed issue with verdict icons display in Firefox 4.
* Setup: Avast Free and Avira Free do not block AVG installation.
* Update: Virus definition update does not block installation.