Scarica Beyond Compare 4.0.4

Beyond Compare 4.0.4

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Da Scooter Software Inc  (Shareware)

# Notable Changes
* Re-added ability to disable grayscale coloring in picture compare "Tolerance" mode.
* Fixed issues on OS X 10.6-10.8.
* Improved importing settings from v3.
# Folder Compare
* Added current folder to dropdown for "Copy/Move to Folder" path edit.
* Added "Merge Base Folders" command.
* Added "Close Subfolders" command.
* "Folder Not Available" dialog is now wider and resizeable.
# Installer
* OS X: Update within BC hangs on 10.8 and older
# Misc
* OS X: Fixed inability to launch on OS X 10.6 and 10.7.
* Made various dialogs wider.
# Picture Compare
* Added "Ghost Mode" to switch between ghost and solid when in "Tolerance Mode".
# Settings
* Import now supports auto-saved sessions.
* Fixed Import handling when picked xml filename does not match expected.
* Fixed importing folder compare's "Toggles", "Up one level" and name filter edit visibility from v3.
* Fixed importing BC3 settings when installing into a portable folder.
# Crashes
* Fixed crash when running a script and exiting when finished.