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* iOS 8.3+ device reboots unexpectedly during long sync tasks (e.g. when slow file conversion is involved)
* iOS 8.4 support
* iOS sync: Upload iTunesCDB more often (not only on the sync end)
* Removing tracks from virtual CD can set file size to zero in some cases
* iOS9 support
* Invisible Playlists can be synced
* Unexpected iPhone disconnection during sync can cause AV
* Track List: XML files are shown
* Failed conversion error appears when it shouldn't (WiFi sync fails in 1745)
* MM can import images from WMP
* iOS 8.3 sync is very slow for some users (and can crash on sync end)
* Automatic podcasts update shows error log (regression)
* Undocking player outside of main window results in error after MM restart
* MediaMonkey64Helper.exe is launched with bInheritHandles set to TRUE (and leaks handles)
* Too many open Tabs makes MMW unusable
* Tabs duplicate after restart (regression)
* When MM service is running, only the first tab is restored after restart (regression in 1738)
* When user configure Music collection to not have any subnodes then AV appears (until restart)
* Sync Tags: Errors when trying to sync Tags (when user configure Music collection without subnodes)
* Memory utilization is very high (when converting some specific files to specific WMA formats)
* # Column doesn't stick in Now Playing node
* MM can crash on attempt to play to Denon AVR-X4000