Scarica MySQL 5.5.45

MySQL 5.5.45

Da MySQL AB  (Open Source)
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# Bugs Fixed
- InnoDB: On Unix-like platforms, os_file_create_simple_no_error_handling_func and os_file_create_func opened files in different modes when innodb_flush_method was set to O_DIRECT.
- InnoDB: An assertion was raised when InnoDB attempted to dereference a NULL foreign key object.
- InnoDB: An index record was not found on rollback due to inconsistencies in the purge_node_t structure.
- The Spencer regex library used for the REGEXP operator could be subject to heap overflow in some circumstances.
- A buffer-overflow error could occur for mysqlslap during option parsing.
- GROUP BY or ORDER BY on a CHAR(0) NOT NULL column could lead to a server exit.
- mysql-systemd-start failed if datadir was set in /etc/my.cnf.