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Da Nero Inc  (Trial commerciale)

# Nero WaveEditor:

- Changes/Bugfixes

* Status Bar now includes seconds and milliseconds time
* Recording Console Timer displays correctly

# Nero Vision:

- New Features

* Enhanced support for .WTV file format (Windows Media Center TV Pack 2008 and Windows 7 operating system

- Changes/Bugfixes

* Aspect ratio can now be adjusted when the resolution is set to automatic
* DVD RAM no longer displays as copy protected
* Autorun menu action behaves correctly after burning
* Nero Vision imports files from web cleanly

# Nero Recode

- Changes/Bugfixes

* Preview image is sharper when using the “Recode DVDs or main Movies to DVD'” option

# Nero CoverDesigner

- Changes/Bugfixes

* Fields are now selectable within the properties menu of the tracklist/directory tool

# Nero Webinstaller

- Changes/Bugfixes

* SetupX.exe is no longer blocked by Windows Defender in Windows Vista® after rebooting
* Installation files can be easily located on PC.
* Repaired Nero 9 startup failure after updating Norton Internet Security with NavShExt.dll version or after running Windows Defrag 11.5