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Opera 26.0.1656.60

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* [Windows] After typing begins in the address field the buttons on right should all disappear
* Errors on startup, due to autoupdate??
* [Netinstaller] Crash when run with invalid parameters
* [Engine] Forward setters on <object> tag to the plugin.
* Crash in >blink::NotificationController::clientFrom
* [Engine] Quick search model should use profile prefs instead of local prefs.
* Printing fails in Turbo mode
* [CAT] Crash in media::BufferedDataSource::ReadInternal
* Crash in >content::PepperPluginInstanceImpl
* [WinXP+Vista] “Adobe reader is out of date” message on opening PDF files in the browser
* [Win] Netinstaller connection problems on XP, SP3, IE6