Scarica Password Safe 3.32

Password Safe 3.32

Da Rony Shapiro  (Open Source)
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# New Features
* Support Yubico's YubiKey authentication token. Previouly this product was supported in a separate branch.
* User can choose not to let PasswordSafe record which virtual keyboard was used.
* Changing a database opened in read-only mode to read/write will revert when the database is locked.
* Allow a keyboard shortcut to be associated with selecting an entry. Please see Help entry for more details.
# Changes to Existing Features
* Add validation of entry field XML characters to ensure resulting file can be imported. Note: any field containing an invalid character will not be exported and a comment added to the export file and the report.
* Run command can now accept $e or $email and will expand this to the entry's e-mail.
# Bugs fixed
* Copying the username of a shortcut entry now works correctly.
* -d dialog no longer needs password verification.
* Help now displays correctly for Import XML settings.
* Filters now handle empty fields correctly.
* Manage Password Policy lists and Edit Entry's Notes fonts are set to same as for main list/tree, user-configurable.
* Autotype email and url now works with shortcut.
* Prevent Alt+Enter or Ctrl+Enter when setting the Application Hotkey in PasswordSafe options dialog closing the dialog and saving an invalid Hotkey.
* Support wrap scrolling in the ListView using up and down arrow keys.