Scarica PeaZip 6.0.0

PeaZip 6.0.0

Da Giorgio Tani  (Open Source)
Valutazione dell'utente

- file management functions now accepts as input Unicode file/dir names.
- report can now be displayed as table and as non tabbed clipboard text.
- PEA format now can handle Unicode file/dir names.
- (Windows) 7z updated to 15.14.
- Recompiled with Lazarus 1.6.0/FPC3.
* native full support for Unicode filenames superseding PeaZip 5.8/5.9 internationalization mechanism based on internal UTF-8 encoding.
* Major code cleanup.
- Remove all now-unnecessary codepage-handling code.
- Removed all Windows 9x related code.
- Removed legacy code for pre-XP NT family systems, all features compatible with XP/2003 API will still work on those platforms.
- Transparence does no longer rely on Windows-only method and is available on any target OS.
- Various fixes and improvements.
- Improved navigation bar and menus.
- New themes "Ten", Win9x/2K inspired "Classic", and XP inspired "Experience".
- "Ten" theme is now default.
- All previous themes "Seven" and "Firecrystal" are still featured (select theme from Options > Setting > Themes).
* Can now delete (recycle, quick, zero, secure) the open archive.
* Can now add directory to extraction; the path is recursively expanded to find archives to queue to extraction procedure.
* action is available from:
- Extract (button and app's context menu).
- Extract... entry in system context menu and SendTo menu.
- -ext2main from command line.
* Can now test archive files inside directories.
* Support sorting by extension for solid 7z compression (default on).
- Convert existing archives now optionally available in context menu and SendTo menu.

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