Scarica PeaZip 5.9.0

PeaZip 5.9.0

Da Giorgio Tani  (Open Source)
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- (Windows) 7z 15.12
- (Linux) p7zip 15.09
- PeaZip can now extract RAR5 files on Linux without resorting on separate UNRAR5 Plugin (still available as optional alternative extraction engine) Pea 0.52
- Improved UTF-8 support in Windows
- Improved application startup and configuration process to make it more robust in case of random / system errors last good configuration is saved and automatically used as first restore attempt if configuration fails to load if configuration errors are detected anyway, volatile mode (using embedded configuration) is automatically activated
- Improved secure delete, free space delete, and hashing / analysis functions operations can be stopped by users more information and is shown while running the task and progress is more accurate, based on input size more information is provided by hashing / analysis tool for each subdirectory it is reported the content in files, folders and bytes (hinting possible duplicate directories) first / last 32 bytes of files are shown for a quick preview (for hashing and content preview modes) report can be sorted for any column and can be exported to tabbed txt or to csv
- File hashing / analysis tools added in Test dropdown group in application tool bar
- Automatically removes redundant intermediate directory when extracting to new folder for better visibility option is also shown in main extraction form and in Extract dropdown group (in application tool bar)
- Moved various backend (arc, lpaq, paq, zpaq, quad, and upx) into Optional Formats plugin, in order to reduce dependencies the main software package needs to satisfy to install (not needed by Portable versions).