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PeaZip 4.3.0

Da Giorgio Tani  (Open Source)
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* Added support to open as archive EPUB ebook file format, a total of 135 file extensions are supported - formats usually not handled as archives can be opened from PeaZip's context menu "Open as archive" rather being associated with the application directly, which would be inconvenient for most users.
* Address field can now be set to be viewed as breadcrumb (default) or string, with "Show address as breadcrumb" flag in address bar navigation dropdown menu
* Improved password management
- Flag "Keep password for current session" (default) in password form, to remember password and keyfile for the current session; unflagging this option password and keyfile are kept until a new archive is browsed
- Fixed bug in keeping "Show password" flag
- Keyfile field now accepts paste and free edit
- Password manager
> passwords list (may even contain keyfiles name, if desired) can be saved with authenticated encryption and optional two factor authentication
> a default password is used unless the user sets password and/or keyfile, recommended to keep privacy of data saved in the password manager
> once password/keyfile is set, authentication will be required before accessing data from password manager
> password list is shown in password form, in the dropdown menu on the left of password filed (when selected, are automatically applied to confirmation field)
> password and notes can also be copied and pasted where needed, i.e. password manager can be used to store passwords for other applications, websites, etc
> password list can be exported
^ as plain text file, containing unencrypted data, for any use
^ as encrypted file, for backup
~ a password list's .bak file can be manually imported back as password manager file, renaming it as pm (no extension) and copying it to PeaZip's configuration path (linked in Options > Settings); this file will have the same content and password it had when it was originally saved. This mechanism in example allows to roll back to a previous password list, or maintain various off line password lists, or exchange protected password lists with other users or other machines
* Improved search
- It is now possible to set search recursivity from search popup menu
- It is now possible to set default for search recursivity
* Fixed: create ARC with relative paths fails if path contains space
* Open as archive moved to root level of file browser context menu for better visibility