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* Major redesign of hooking/injection code. ASLR is now enabled for 64 bit (it was already enabled for 32 bit).
* VC Redistributables are no longer downloaded by the combined 32/64 installer. The required VC DLLs are now included in the installer binary (which is why it is much larger now).
* KB3031432 in Win 8-64 causes 64 bit applications to crash.
* Sbie now detects when a sandboxed application starts WerFault.exe because it has crashed, and gives WerFault plenty of time to create a crash DMP file. WerFault has a couple of flaws. It doesn't create the crash DMP until the user presses OK on the crash popup dialog box. If the user does not respond quickly, the crashed application will exit memory and the DMP cannot be created. So now Sbie disables the WerFault dialog box and issues its own SBIE2224 "Sandboxed program has crashed". WerFault also must be given enough time to do various Internet activities before the application exits.
* Fixed Outlook 2013 crash at start.
* Excel 2013 would remain in memory after program exit.
* Fixed several SBIE2318 Dll Initialization Failed issues.
* Error SBIE2101 now gives more information.
* Increased named pipe timeout from 3 seconds to 10 seconds to eliminate SBIE2101 error.
* A security problem reported by a user has been fixed: hard links could be created outside the sandbox. CreateHardLink API is now blocked.
* Removed Avast from the list of known conflicts in templates.ini. This means Sandboxie will no longer popup the dialog box telling you to "review the Known Conflicts page..." when Avast is detected.
* Fixed: certificate revocation information is sometimes unavailable. IE occasionally popped up dialog "Revocation information for the security certificate for this site is not available. Do you want to proceed?"
* Sandboxie would issue error SBIE2205 Service not Implemented: LoadedModules.
* Fixed drag/drop crash in Chrome.
* Added OpenIpcPath=*\BaseNamedObjects*\FntCache to templates.ini to eliminate font cache problems.
* Added ClosedFilePath=%SystemRoot%\System32\IDStore.dll & ClosedFilePath=%SystemRoot%\System32\wlidprov.dll to templates.ini to eliminate Windows Live problems.