Scarica SUPER v2012 build 50

SUPER v2012 build 50

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SUPER v2015 build 64

- [ADD] Android MP4 Output Container
- [ADD] Blackberry MP4 Output Container
- [ADD] Xbox MP4 Output Container
- [ADD] GXF Output Container using Video Codecs DV (with profiles), M-JPEG, MPEG-I, MPEG-II
- [ADD] WTV Output Container
- [ADD] RM & RA Output Containers using rv8, rv9, rv9 Video Codecs and AAC LC, AAC HE, Atrac3, Real Lossless and Cook Audio Codecs
- [ADD] H.264 Video Codec to the MPG Output Container
- [ADD] Dirac Video Codec to the TS|M2TS Output Container
- [ADD] DTS (Digital Theater Systems) Audio Codec to the TS|M2TS Output Container
- [ADD] Speex Audio Codec to the ASF, MKV, MOV, WMV Output Containers
- [ADD] an option to embed MPlayer inside a window with various options
- [ADD] an option to Drag & Drop a Folder to open its content recursively
- [ADD] an option to Drag & Drop a playlist and open its content
- [ADD] an option to Drag & Drop any file or to limit to ONLY supported file formats
- [ADD] a very long list of newly implemented features